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Workers' Comp Insurance

Workers’ Compensation is insurance purchased by employers to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to employees that are injured at work. The insurance also provides benefits for the employee’s dependents if the employee dies during work related duty.  Workers’ compensation insurance is a state-mandated program. 

Every employer, individual, or corporation that regularly employs three or more employees, part-time or full-time, must provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage.  You may ask yourself one important question, “Who needs worker’s comp”?  Generally speaking, sole proprietors and partnerships aren’t required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance unless and until they have employees who aren’t owners.  

Top reasons to consider a workers’ compensation policy:

Avoid personal liability for the cost of employee medical expenses and lost wages due to on-the job injury.

Protect yourself against lawsuits

Health insurance, general liability insurance and other policies are NOT the same and will NOT cover many of the cost associated with job-related injury for employees.

Employees and your CLIENTS may prefer to work with businesses that carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Insurance company gives you access to invaluable services to control risk, navigate claims, and get employees back to work faster after an injury.

The price of workers compensation insurance is a combination of the base rate mandated by the state and the rate offered by the insurance company for the business.  The base rate for the workers compensation insurance cost one percent of the employee salary multiplied by a rate of every $100 that is determined based on the risk factors the state views related to the employee’s particular job.  The riskier the job, the more likely the chance of injury, the higher the base rate will be.  

 At Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group, we can help find the workers compensation coverage that best fits your company and we are committed to making insurance easy to understand and easy to buy. Give us a call and let us assist you with your insurance needs.