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Long Term Care Insurance

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A long-term care insurance policy helps you pay a portion of the cost for the long-term care services you may need someday. And that can allow you to stay connected to the things that matter most – your family, your home and your nest egg.

Supplementing your out-of-pocket costs with benefits provided by a long-term care insurance policy can help you:

• Balance the help you receive from family members with professional care giving services
• Stay at home as long as possible while getting the care you need
• Protect a portion of your retirement nest egg from the cost of long-term care services

What does it cover? You may think long-term care means going to a nursing home. Today, a variety of long-term care services actually may help keep you out of a nursing home by allowing you to stay at home or live independently as long as possible. A long-term care insurance policy pays benefits for covered services you receive:

At Home - Stay-at-home benefits include personal care services to assist with everyday activities, home maker services to help with grocery shopping and housekeeping.

Assisted Living Facility - This allows you to live independently while enjoying a strong support system that includes long-term care services, plus things like meds, recreational activities and transportation.

Nursing Home - Provide round-the-clock care and many facilities offer programs that address the well being of residents, including nutrition programs and cultural activities. Annual cost for semi-private nursing home care in GA is approximately $68,620 or $188.00 per day.  The cost for a private room is approximately $75,829 or $208 per day.

At Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group, we able to offer multiple types of Long Term Care Policies to meet your needs and budget. In addition to our stand alone policies, we can also provide Universal Life Policies that provides both Life and Long Term Care Insurance coverage.  Give us a call and one of our agents will meet with you to discuss options to ensure you have the right coverage to meet your Long Term Care needs.