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Life Insurance

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You provide for your family and manage finances now, but what happens if you’re not around? Your family may count on you for such things as house payments, education expenses and a certain lifestyle. The right amount of life insurance (it might be term life insurance, universal life insurance,whole life insurance or a combination) can help guarantee all these things for your family in the event of your untimely death.

What kind of life insurance do you need?  Before you begin to consider that question, arm yourself with some knowledge about your choices. 

  • Term Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance is temporary insurance and has a fixed rate for a set period of time. The period is often 20 years or more.  To adapt to a family’s changing needs, in-force term life insurance may be converted to permanent life insurance without additional evidence of insurability. Because people’s needs vary even within the term life insurance category, we offer term product choices – so that the term coverage you select matches your needs.
  • Universal Life Insurance: Universal Life Insurance is flexible-premium, adjustable-benefit, permanent life insurance that can accumulate values beyond the guaranteed cash value. In addition to its cash values which can be used for children’s educations, to supplement retirement income and for incidental expenses, universal life insurance is flexible enough to change as your needs change. At Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group, we offer more than one universal life insurance plan. When our agents meet with you to compare some universal life plan features, it may become obvious which type is right for you.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Whole Life Insurance is another type of permanent life insurance, designed to provide life time coverage. Unlike Universal Life Insurance, policy premiums are typically fixed with a fixed amount of benefits. 

When you consider the future of your family, plan for arrange of possibilities. Your family will have to mange debt in whatever form it takes, which is why a life insurance policy is a way you can give them help at a time they’ll need it the most. At Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group, we can help you design a policy to manage debt, provide help with the replacement of lost income and also provide a Long Term Care benefit. Such a policy truly puts your family first!