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Farm and Ranch Insurance

The more you know about Farm and Ranch insurance, the better choices you’ll make for your operations. A farm/ranch insurance policy covers your property and provides some liability coverage for your home and farm/ranch operations. While farm/ranch insurance policies differ, in general you’ll find four areas of protection:

• Home and contents, including detached garages and other buildings
• Farm/Ranch personal property
• Farm/Ranch structures
• Liability protection

Typical farm insurance may be designed to cover growing crops and raising livestock, but what if your operation includes activities like:

• Hauling or storing grain for your neighbors
• Mixing feed
• Confinement operations
• Custom spraying
• Processing, packing or shipping product

It's important to understand which types of loss your farm/ranch insurance policy covers to make sure you have the right amount of protection. Your agent can explain which losses are covered within each property classification of your ranch insurance.

Horse and Dairy Farm Coverage:

As a horse farmer, you understand the unique liability exposures you face, such as when an animal:
• Wanders onto the roadway and causes an accident (one of our most frequent liability claims)
• Reacts unpredictably and someone is injured
• You face allegations of animal cruelty

Get the Right Protection for Your Poultry Farm

If your farm is part of a poultry integration contract, the integrator typically owns and insures the birds. Your policy can insure additional aspects of your poultry farm, including:
• Property protection for your poultry growing facilities, laying houses, egg gathering facilities and service buildings
• Equipment breakdown coverage for your ventilation equipment and other poultry house equipment

Optional Endorsements for Agritourism Protection:

Some agritourism protection may be provided as an optional endorsement to your farm insurance policy. Talk to one of our agents about what options are available to you. Agritourism insurance may generally cover:
• Pick your own
• Roadside stands
• Farmers market sales
• Incidental hunting activity
• Select your own Christmas tree

Tractor Insurance Protects What Drives Your Farm

Farm equipment is one of a farmer’s biggest investments − sometimes the biggest. That’s why tractor insurance, combine insurance and other machinery insurance are so important to your operation. Insuring these assets with a tractor insurance company you trust can help you protect your future. You can be covered for Special Causes of Loss, which include GPS equipment as well as your farm machinery and equipment. Your tractor insurance policy will also cover:

• Tractors
• Combines
• Planters
• Cotton pickers
• Hay rakes and other field equipment
• Farm office equipment
• Portable irrigation equipment
• Portable fences and structures
• Tools and supplies

Whether you're running a large-scale operation or carrying on the tradition of a small family farm or ranch, our agents at Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group can ensure coverage’s are tailored to meet your farm's property and liability exposures.